‘Redemption Falls’ by Joseph O’Connor – Tedious or Genius?

Redemption FallsRedemption Falls by Joseph O’Connor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

‘Redemption Falls’ was one of the hardest fictional novel that I had to finish. This is in no part the fault of the author, Joseph O’Connor. His immense knowledge of the English language is beyond doubt as he weaves a grand tale of intricacy and detail to make the reader eventually learn the core of the story.

It was the constant switch between common speech of that era and grammatically correct English that bothered me most about the book. I had to endure endless referings to the dictionary and exasperated re-reading of sentences and paragraphs, to understand much of the narration.

In the end however, I understood the need for the author to write the way that he did. So overall, though it was a toil to complete the book, the story’s conclusion was worth the effort. This is a novel that I would ONLY recommend to those who have a good grasp of old style literature and the patience to admire and enjoy such mannerisms. I cannot say that I enjoyed ‘Redemption Falls’ but I would rate the book high for great penmanship and literary standard.

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