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Why Businesses Need Procedure Manuals

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Should I Allocate Funds for This?

Ask yourself ‘why not?’ instead. You see, we understand that value for money is important to you. We also know that producing Procedure and Policy Manuals are tedious and time-consuming effort; an effort that is usually unappreciated by the people for whom the publication was meant for in the first place. So why spend the money on it?

Well, despite the notion that nobody will read the Policy & Procedure Manual, you know that the commentary actually benefits your business primarily by laying out your work consistency standards; and it defines your business philosophy, articulates the Company principles and goals, measures your staffs’ understanding of the policies, provides structured communication while also helping you with various other essentials like staff health plan terms, theft/loss recovery and insurance claims, labor law legalities and so on. Therefore, the ensuing advantages of a written Procedures Manual add to the overall scheme of things for your business. Furthermore, when you decide to offer franchise options, seek financing for expansion or maybe sell your business at a certain stage, a well published comprehensive Procedures and Policy Manual builds credibility for your Company too.

So in short, it portrays your Company’s commitment towards distinction, virtue and quality to everyone and whoever concerned. These are the reasons why the Manual is worth the money spent on.

Honestly, making everyone read it, is really a secondary matter. Making them aware of the importance however is critical. Once people understand that the Manual exists as a reference point for issues, rules and questions while also acting as a guide for best practices, they will begin to use it diligently. You can advise them also that the composition isn’t absolute and that the contents are constantly reviewed for improvement. At the same time invite your staff to contribute to it or ask for suggestions on chapters they’d like to see included. By doing so, everyone will soon grasp the Manual’s purpose. The goal gets fulfilled and you get your money’s worth.

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