How to Produce Procedure Manuals Part 2 – Policy Writer

A Quick Recap

In Part 1, we set about understanding the importance of Procedure Manuals for business operators. We also looked at establishing a framework and forming a ‘Policy Manual Committee’ with the needed action plans. Part of the action plan was to appoint a Policy Manual Writer. Today’s Part 2 is to elaborate that for you.

Who is a Policy Writer?

Simply put, the Policy Writer is the person who compiles all the necessary data and research material gathered by the Policy Manual Committee and composes the content based on the already set framework. Depending on the size of the Organisation, the Policy Writer is either a single person or a collective of people assigned to the task.

The Policy Writer need not be someone outside the Company either. When available, use a good candidate within. Large Corporations are encouraged to have a specialised sub-department in their Human Resource or Business Communication divisions to focus primarily on policy and procedure writing purposes (If not done so already). Using internal resource is ideal for two reasons;

  1. Safeguard Confidentiality
  2. Cost Savings

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