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Are You an Outlier?

Title : Outliers – The Story of Success

Author : Malcolm Gladwell

Type : Non-Fiction

Rating : 4 of 5 Stars

In the wake of finishing ‘Blink’ I settled right into ‘Outliers’. I just felt it was the logical thing to do after the ‘Blink’ episode. I craved that added ‘Intel’ on mind and behaviour to help me understand my  ‘success’ as ‘Outliers’ so plainly outlined.

By now everybody knows Malcolm Gladwell also authored ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘Blink’ and if you’ve read these earlier books, you knew then Gladwell’s angle on his subject matters.

Thus, true to form, ‘Outliers’ addressed issues on the sublime human interactions that you and I have experienced sometimes or thought of in passing but hardly made the inroads to explore further. In that sense, that’s what Malcolm Gladwell readily does in our stead in this book. He deduced the theory that success and failure were correlated  to uncontrollable factors in our lives – it’s not all hard work and intelligence.

‘Outliers’ was truly fun to read despite the rather obvious ‘The Story of Success’ subtitle. Just like in ‘Blink’, Gladwell writes with ease of prose and in a direct way. He supported his examples with proven facts and explained simply without heavy jargons and scientific terminologies. This style was what that made his books especially ‘Outliers’ such a treat to his readers. Read More…


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