4 Points to Remember in Retail Confidentiality

Sample Authorised Staff Form

In business, maintaining confidentiality is crucial. More so if you do your core business remotely, i.e. away from home base like in branch outlets, regional offices etc. This is particularly evident for retail. Therefore its prudent that you keep a precise and detailed record on who has access and is privy to essential elements of your business. Here are 4 simple points to remember and how to structure them into your confidentiality policy.

1. Create a ‘Authorised Staff’ List

As we know in retail, we generate revenue almost entirely via the various points of sales spread over a business region. We open branch outlets in various districts in a large city, or they are strategically in many towns or even across the globe for that matter.

Hence, in these points of business, Retailers allow their staff to run the business as best they can trust them to. So, to find out that everything is in the hands of the right person or persons, it’s recommended that business owners insist on the procedure of appointing and recording the ‘Authorised Staff’ list. Make it a Company policy.

2. Protect Your Staff and the Business

It is a very simple straight forward rule. Authorised staffs are people who are responsible and made accountable for certain essential matters within the retail store. In other words, only select persons are given rights of access to crucial and confidential elements of store operations. Examples of these are:

  • Store Door/Shutter Keys
  • Security Alarm Arming & Disarming Codes
  • Dial Combination & Key for the Security Safe
  • Computer Password and User IDs
  • Customer Database and Inventory System Access Codes
  • Back Office & Storage Room Keys (if any)

By ensuring this practice you will safeguard everyone’s integrity. In addition, having this control measure in place further upholds security and protects staff members against sabotage, breach of trust and other untoward incidences between colleagues in a working group also.

You might see this as paranoia but practicing caution is harmless and beneficial in hindsight. As they say “better safe than sorry”.

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    To win without risk is to triumph without glory.~Corneille obtained from Entrepreneurs quotes

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