Land of Lawsuits and Bad Pills

The Litigators

John Grisham was at his usual best and element with The Litigators.

I admit I haven’t read much of his recent work lately but after, The Testament, The Partner & Runaway Jury, I’d put this book among my favourites of Grisham’s.

The trademark fast paced no-nonsense prose and plot making was all there. These were always the main draw, that I liked most about Grisham’s books and The Litigators literally drove home that fact ever so well again. His writing was also so snug, compact and intense. There were good humour thrown in and had all the right human vulnerabilities too. These factors made the story believable and kept me interested.

I also enjoyed that, this time around Grisham turned the legal wrangle by making the antagonist – Varrick Laboratories, get the last laugh in; although, they were not very clean to start with – nice idea and well delivered.

Anyway, like all my reviews, I will not reveal any more of the plot. Suffice to say, disgusting amount of millions (dollars) got thrown around as one large corporation with their hot-shot lawyers, ‘government interest’ consultants, scientific experts, thugs and what-not schemed and executed their defence against a potentially debilitating lawsuit. That was one part of the story.

Another side was where Grisham portrayed the good things that matter – Americans upholding the law, about corporate America with the need for it to stay humane and the often critiqued judiciary getting things right. At the end, the winner was the American legal system and the people who ran the righteous show – really. But The Litigators was also a book written to entertain and it did so aptly indeed.

Overall, this book was well worth my time (you can’t go wrong with John Grisham anyway). However, if I must gripe and complain, then it had to be on the many setbacks the plaintiffs and defendants faced pursuing their lawsuit. It wasn’t as severely felt by the reader (me) as it was for the book’s characters. It were all kind of too expertly and easily overcome by the respective recipients to my liking – I would’ve liked more intrigue, cunning and treachery to the lead up.

Nonetheless, The Litigators was a good book.  Your reading time won’t be wasted I assure you.

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