‘Jingo’ is a Real Word!

Title : Jingo

Author : Terry Pratchett

Rating : 4 of 5 Stars

jiNGo – I thought, was a word that had no real meaning. However, the word is an actual one and was an apt title for the book’s story and the literal outcome.

‘Jingo’ by the way, (if you didn’t know already like me) means ‘a person who professes one’s patriotism loudly and excessively, favoring vigilant preparedness for war and aggressive foreign policy‘ (dictionary.com). What a cool word this.

Okay, the war was imminent after all but the reason for conflict was less worth the effort than everyone made it out for. That’s the gist Terry Pratchett made with his usual suspects going about the war business with their typically expected attitude and skill in Ankh-Morpork. It was all very laughable and serious at the same time. I loved it!

Anyway, honestly, Jingo was the first Terry Pratchett book that I read (arrived late to his books). It’s been published for 12 years now, but although it was the 21st addition to the ‘Discworld’ list and 4th in the ‘City Watch’ series, I managed to get into the story with ease; and enjoyed it immensely. Pratchett is truly a fabulous fantasy story writer and his accolades and critical acclaim were well deserved I say. His humor added to his creativeness is among the best in the business – not to mention his clever simplicity and prose.

Anyhow now, there are umpteen books of Terry Pratchett to catch up on. I intend to do just that. Thus, it’s best then I end this review here and let you to it. We need to go source for his books you see, so better not tarry along here.

However, if you haven’t heard of Discworld, Ankh-Morpork, the City Watch, Samuel Vimes and everything and everyone else connected to them and the lot, I urge you to, “please acquaint yourself” as soon as you can. Not a moment’s delay sir and madam!

Though, you may have other important literature to study and read up on, but trust me you, do make Terry Pratchett’s works one of them – for a laugh that is. I on the other hand, sincerely hope to find all his books (in sunny Malaysia) without paying for shipping!

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