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4 Ways To An Effective Daily Briefing Session

Sample Briefing Notes Template

If you run a retail store, you know how daily briefings impact your staff’s work direction, mind-set and their understanding of your required standards. It is therefore, an important communication tool. Thus, the benefits of daily briefings cannot be ignored and I recommend that you make it compulsory every day.

Briefing sessions must also be short, structured and well-presented for effectiveness. The main aim is to get the team focused, energised and enthusiastic for the day’s tasks. I like interactive and informative briefings – allowing team members to share and ask questions.

So here are 4 simple ways to plan and conduct very good briefing sessions.

1. Use ‘Briefing Notes’ and Cover the Basics:

  • Share earlier days’ sales performance
  • Highlight department or group sales numbers
  • Discuss sales improvements or dips
  • Talk about the sales target versus the real numbers
  • Always relate figures to Month to Date, Year to Date and against Last Year
  • Congratulate exceptional individual performances
  • Talk up customer compliments received and
  • Address customer complaints or non-compliance issues

2. Attitude – How You Present It

You (Store Head) do the briefing – always. You can have others conduct one sometimes for variety but you chair the proceedings.

Do keep in mind, as leader you set the tone for the day. So, it’s important to avoid negativity, disinterest or laziness by all means – even if you are not at your best that day. So make the briefing time positive and fun!

Never reprimand a team member during briefing but do compliment and elevate some one (in briefing) for a job well done. This way you earn the respect of you subordinates and their continued support for your leadership.

Find the energy to keep upbeat all the time – no matter what!

3. Duration and Planning

I urge that you keep the session concise and short. 15 minutes (most) is the ideal time-frame. Anything longer and you lost your team’s attention and the desired effect. Get creative when you can.

Prepare your briefing notes in advance. I recommend that you keep your briefing topic (other than your sales performance figures), to 3 to 4 points only. Spend between 2 or 3 minutes on each of them, recap the main agenda and end the briefing with a motivational and inspired close!

Use the sample briefing template above to jot your points down and deliver them with energy and enthusiasm. Don’t stray – the briefing notes are there to help you stay the course. If you have multi-shift work schedules, use one briefing template for all shifts – so that the topic remains consistent in all briefing times throughout the day.

4. End of Day Debriefing is Cool

After a challenging and tiresome day at the retail sales floor, a debriefing is wise to uplift frayed morale and spirits. I say it is good practice and habit to end the day with a short recap of the days’ events. You can touch on:

  • Overall operations for the day
  • Performance of your team
  • Highlight any good proceedings that happened
  • Apologise for an error or miscommunication by you
  • Congratulate and thank everyone for a job well done

The session should not take more than 5 minutes but I urge that you do this last act before dispersing your team. It’ll help put perspective back for you and for the team; especially on days when things were out of control, like during a busy ‘Sales Period’ or ‘Promotional Event’.

Remember to always end with a high note and send your team home feeling appreciated and worthy. Trust me, you’ll be better for it the following day and so will your fellow group.


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