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Not too long ago I started J-WorQProjeQs with a business inclined notion. The idea was to promote myself as a professional retail operations specialist and a procedure manual writer. You see, I had background expertise with years and years of store front management in fashion and jewellery businesses. Thus, it dawned on me that I should put my knowledge to good use and publish them – not in a conceited way of course but in a way where other retailers can share and give at the same time.

My approach was to help retailers (in my country) document their working policies and procedures comprehensively into a structured guidebook or manual. While at it, I also wanted to learn new ideas from fellow retailers as well as impart my store management know-hows honed over 18 years in the industry. It was a splendid idea no doubt and quite noble too, you might add. For a small fee, I offered my procedure manual ‘consulting and writing’ service to almost all known local retail companies.

Anyway, I was still employed full-time as a Retail Operations & Compliance Manager with a Malaysian luxury fashion retailer at the time and I owed this procedure manual writing idea to them. It was they who gave me the project to compose and publish their retail polices and procedures. A daunting task mind you; but one way or another I completed the assignment. Okay let me just say outright, although I was proud to meet the goal, it was still, nonetheless, my very first attempt. Version #1 was complete but it was far from effective. It definitely needed lots of improvements. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay long enough with the company to make the corrections, revisions and everything else that needed improved upon.

Here then comes J-WorQProjeQs. I quit that salaried job to start my procedure manual writing business. You see, while I was with my earlier employer I managed to land a client! Plain and simple. All that I learned writing my first retail operations manual and the enhancements I intended for it, I put to good use professionally for my new client. I got paid and I felt good – the future looked alright. My second client wasn’t far off as well. That’s where it ended also.

Fast forward to today and where J-WorQProjeQs stands. I no longer am keen to write procedure manuals for other retailers. Whatever articles on retail operations, store management and procedure manual writing tips you see on this site here is for you to read, critique or learn from. In other words I write for myself and the contents are free. I just ask that you don’t plagiarise but give me credit for your re-posts, work projects etcetera. You may add my links to yours and click those convenient ‘social sharing’ buttons of course. In return, I will not in any way pitch you for business. I have no interest in it whatsoever.

Sure I like retail very much and intend to stay in the industry as long as I can. But I am also busy and having lots of fun working for a new internet savvy company now. I run their online web-store division. So even if I wanted to I cannot possibly write procedure manuals professionally. And there you have it – the current status and direction of J-WorQProjeQs.

Oh, apart from retail stuff, this blog is also about books. Yup! I am a book addict to the point of discipline than of habit. So if you want reviews that isn’t really a review but more about how I discovered it and how it made me feel? Then please follow my blog and I promise you I won’t bombard your email with trivia every 24 hours but as and when I’ve had the time to do so – which I reckon every other month :).

Well all said, thanks for dropping by and I hope you’ll enjoy my blog. Feel free to come back. Cheerio!


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