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The Ignorance of Blood

The Ignorance of Blood (Javier Falcon, #4)The Ignorance of Blood by Robert Wilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To be honest, the story did not enthrall me. However, the plotting by Robert Wilson was engaging enough to keep me interested in the book as was the pace and writing style. I liked it for that.

It’s a plain detective novel that has parts entwined from the earlier book to add to the intrigue. The writer did a good job developing the story that way to keep readers enticed. However, I found the end product somewhat rushed and made too easy for the good guys to prevail.

Nonetheless, because this was my first read of Robert Wilson’s work, I assume this isn’t the best of what he has done. So I definitely will try out his other novels. He is a good writer after all. As for ‘The Ignorance of Blood‘, maybe obligation instead of imagination inspired him here.

Alas, do I recommend it? Well I’ll put it this way….it’ll amuse you for a day or two.

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